Guide to Gel Blasters

Guide to Gel Blasters: The popularity of gel blasters has increased because of their realistic looks which emulate the guns which are employed by the military and police organizations. Due to the advancements present in manufacturing technology, the blasters have become cheaper, more premium, and even more fun to employ. If you want to buy a gel blaster, it is important to know the differences present between the various types of blasters.

The following lets you know of the most popular kinds of gel blasters found:

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles or ARs are a popular type of gel blaster. Similar to their real-world counterparts, the blasters possess a range that is pretty decent. The fire rate is even high.

The accurate guns tend to be more suitable for beginners as they are versatile.


Shotguns tend to be devastating when at close range however they are rather harmless when at long ranges. You will need to have more experience to employ a shotgun. It is also tough to get great accuracy with these.

The blasters are popular for their particular bursts of power that cannot be matched with any other blasters. These guns tend to be rather slow to reload. Their fire range is also nothing to brag about.

Those who want to play in some close-range arena, opt for this weapon. But, if you are mostly interested in long-range and also medium-range fields, it may be better to avoid the shotgun.

Sub-Machine Guns

These are also known as SMGs. They have a pretty good fire rate. You need to keep in mind that these gel blasters do not possess a really good range. They also are not able to hold much ammo. You will need to carry spare ammo with you.

But, these guns are rather versatile and also lightweight. It is possible to easily employ an SMG within a close-range and medium-range area because of its versatility. They are not very effective when it comes to long-range because of their relatively low accuracy along with the high recoil. However, if you are experienced with the weapon, it is possible to make it work well for long-range also.

You can consider SMG at Tactical Edge Hobbies if you are interested in getting one.


These is said to be the most compact weapons that pack a decent punch. They are cheaper in comparison to the other options. It is possible for the pistol to function at many different ranges however it is better suited for shorter ranges because of its lack of power if you compare it to the ARs and SMGs.

You need to know that the fire rate of the pistol is nothing that is exceptional. The pistol will fire only as quickly as you do as it has a semi-automatic nature. Its ammo capacity is less than the SMG.

It is important to know about the different gel blasters before buying any. You should consider the one best for your needs. Research the various ones and compare the prices of the same model before buying any.

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