What Are The Top 3 Energy Consuming Home Appliances & Tips To Help You Lower The Bill

With the growing inflation, utility bills have become difficult to pay every month. The cost of living increases with every passing day, making it impossible for people to make ends meet.

One major expense that eats up most of a household’s monthly budget is the electricity bill. Though technology has made life easier, this technology surely runs on energy, eventually enhancing the cost of living. A lot of home chores get done easily with the help of heavy appliances, but they augment the energy cost immensely.

If you are looking forward to understanding which home appliances are sucking out most of your house electricity, here are the major ones to keep a look at!

1. Appliances Using Water

All those appliances that ‘wash’ something or work using water use a lot of electricity. For instance, the dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, and other such appliances take up as much as fourteen percent of the total energy consumption of the total bill.


If you are serious about lowering the energy usage in your house, you need to limit the usage of such heavy appliances. Rather than using the dryer, take advantage of the natural sunlight and get your clothes dried outside.

Alongside this, it’s better to use the dishwasher once in a while than to make it a regular habit! Comparing power companies and the amount they charge from the consumers will also help you choose the right one, considering your usage of appliances is hefty!

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2. Entertainment Sources

All those appliances that add some entertainment to your life cost you a heavy energy bill. These entertainment appliances include your television, laptop, gaming screen, and console. If you have many gadgets, charging them will consume more energy, leading to a massive monthly electricity bill.

What you can do to lower the energy consumed by these devices is to ensure you have them turned off whenever they are in standby mode. If you are not using them, there is no use in keeping them turned on. It’s a sheer waste of power, reflecting its effects on the monthly power bills.

3. Heating And Cooling Appliances

All those appliances that help you deal with the unbearable weather come with a cost! In the scorching heat, if you want to get some cool air, the air conditioner will comfort you but at the expense of a higher electricity bill.


At the same time, the heating appliances also tend to consume a lot of electricity to keep you warm. The best solution, in such a situation, is to have insulated walls. They control the house’s temperature, ensuring a reduction in your monthly electricity bills.

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Tips To Lower The Energy Bill

1. Switch To A Small Screen

A smaller TV screen required less wattage to work. Hence, switching to the smaller screen will surely help you save huge bucks on the monthly electricity bills quite easily. Though it’s always more fun to watch the TV on a massive screen, saving electricity is possible only with a smaller screen.

In a similar manner, if you work from home and take great pride in your home setup, it is important to know that a huge desktop computer may consume a lot of energy. Compared to regular laptops, desktops take up more than 80% of electricity for their work.

By making a switch from a desktop computer to a regular laptop, you can save as much as thirty percent of your total electricity consumption. Eventually, you will be able to reduce electricity bill easily!

2. Switch The Incandescent Bulbs With The Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The traditional incandescent bulbs tend to eat up a lot of energy in order to brighten up your house. They are one of the major reasons why your monthly electricity bill is so high. The best solution, in this regard, is to replace them with fluorescent light bulbs.


The fluorescent light bulbs don’t only consume less electricity to work but also are much more durable and long-lasting. Having them installed in your house won’t require you to buy new ones for a very long period.

As they are energy-efficient options, they keep your monthly electricity bills low!

3. Upgrade Your Appliances

Older appliances tend to consume a huge chunk of electricity to work. Comparatively, their modern version can help you save as much as 25% of the total power consumption. Hence, no matter how dear your old refrigerator or air conditioner is, replacing it with a new version is indeed necessary.

The upgraded versions of appliances are not easy to maintain but also ensure the wastage of electricity is minimum. Even your modem requires an upgrade to save energy consumption. However, have a quick speedtest before making this switch. Though you would require to spend some heavy bucks in this process, it will surely help you a lot in the long run.

Start Saving Energy NOW!

Despite the fact that inflation is rising and bills are augmenting, there are numerous ways through which you can actually lower energy consumption. All you need to do is devise some strategies for that and be proactive! Make a few switches, and it will save you a lot of money!

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