How to check your laptop’s battery cycle count. Why is it so important?

Only by looking at the title of this article can you assume we’re talking about how much battery your laptop has free of charge. This is not the case, however, as the battery cycle is different in proportion to the battery rate.

As you know, removable or fixed laptop batteries are consumables. They can work for several years but they degrade their performance

What is a battery cycle count or health?

So now you know that the next but crucial step to be taken to understand the rechargeable battery will not last forever is the word “battery cycle counting.” This refers to a complete battery drain of 100 to zero percent.

Battery cycles help you determine whether or not you should have a new battery, regardless of whether or not you can remove your battery. All

How does a battery cycle work?

Let’s just say that your laptop battery has been charged fully (e.g. 100%) and if your laptop battery goes for days that do not charge it, it will be considered 1 battery cycle from 100% up to 0 or up to 20% up to 40%.

Now suppose that you are battery-powered with your laptop and that you charge your battery between 100 and 60%. This won’t be 1 cycle.

As battery cycles continue to complete, you’ll find the battery isn’t working well, and you must go to a computer shop and get that new battery. Otherwise, your laptop will probably be messed up.

How to check the battery cycle count or health on your laptop? – Windows edition

If the laptop is on your windows, you may check the battery cycle of your computer by going to “Command Prompt” or “Windows Powershell.” You can use the desktop search bar and enter it in Command Prompt if you can’t find it directly.

Once the command prompt is opened, enter the command powercfg/batteryreport

Next, head to File Explorer and search for a “battery.html” file whose location would be shown as c:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\battery-report.html, in the Command Prompt window

When the HTML file is found, click on it, and you will see some information on your laptop on your default internet browser. Then scroll down to find the batteries installed

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