A Quick Guide to Set Up a Smart Watch

A smart watch is a compact duplicate of a phone. When they are worn on hand, you no longer need to hold the mobile phone or be afraid to drop it. Don’t miss an important call or message with them. And it’s easier to see the time on a smart watch than on a phone. Next step-by-step instructions on how to set up a smart watch.

Getting Started with Smart Watch

Smartwatches are not ready for use immediately after purchase. To get the most out of them, you must first properly configure the device. Since they differ in the way they are controlled, the rules and instructions will be slightly different. But there are general features and rules that must be followed.

All setup procedures can be divided into three stages:

  • Preparing the device for work
  • Setting up and connecting to a smartphone
  • Installing the apps, you want

Immediately after opening the box with the watch, read the instructions. Find out how the device is charged: with or without a wire. Then set the device to charge. It is usually sold with a charged battery, but the charge may decrease during shipping.

If the watch does not see charging, it may be faulty. This almost never happens with new ones, but it can happen with previously used devices. Try cleaning the contacts. But if you have got Huawei watch fit new 2021, then you need not worry because its free of such issues.

Insert SIM card

While the watch is charging, check the SIM card that you are going to install in the device (if it is provided) by installing it in the phone. So, you save yourself from unnecessary attempts in case it turns out to be inoperative. If the instructions indicate the number you want to call, dial it from your phone. A new SIM card is activated by transferring the required amount to the account. Disable lock by pin code so as not to interfere with work. It is difficult to assume that someone else can use the watch worn on your hand.

How to set time on smart watch?

If the device can be configured without connecting to a smartphone, the time and date menu opens immediately when turned on.

If it is displayed incorrectly, use one of the following methods:

  • Open the settings menu in the clock and go to the “System” ¾> “Languages ​​and time” item. Set automatic synchronization or select a time zone. Then the clock itself corrects the time.
  • In the “Settings” in the “Time and date” section, manually specify the year, month, day and time. It must match the value on the smartphone that you will link to the watch.
  • Install an application on your smartphone – software for your device. Connect the watch to the phone and change the time through the application menu. Sometimes, depending on the device, synchronization occurs immediately after connecting the phone.

Language selection

The absence of the native language may be due to the fact that smart watches were not bought in an electronics store or a mobile phone store, but ordered abroad via the Internet.

In most cases, smart watches are English. If for some reason they speak to you in English or Chinese, go to “Settings” (Setting). There they go to the Language tab and select your native language. You can perform standard settings in the original language, download and install the appropriate application.

Setting up Smart Watch and smartphone

Smart watches must be connected to the phone. But it is not always possible to do this. Some brands release devices that can only be paired with a smartphone of the same brand or an identical platform. Therefore, when buying a smart watch, ask if your phone supports it. Most of all, this applies to Apple. There are also exceptions to the rule. Smart watches from Huawei support Android smartphones. And Android devices work with any smartphone, regardless of the operating system.

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