What Is a DAT File (and How Do I Open One)?

A document with the .dat record augmentation is a nonexclusive information record that stores explicit data identifying with the program that made the document. Some applications that utilization them are CCleaner, Porteus, and Minecraft. They may even appear in your email as a connection from a Microsoft Exchange Server.

What Is a DAT File?

So, a DAT document contains significant data for programming to deal with. The data contained inside a DAT document is typically either plain text or double, albeit in uncommon cases you may experience them as the genuine information of a video record for programs like VCDGear or CyberLink PowerDirector.

Many projects make, open, and reference DAT records. They are planned uniquely for use by the application and not to be opened physically by the client. Many games, like Minecraft, use DAT records to store pieces of levels, which are stacked on the fly as a player explores all through the level.

How Do I Open a DAT File?

Since it’s hard to tell whether the DAT record you’re managing contains text, pictures, recordings, or config documents for programming on your PC, how you open a record will change contingent upon what data it contains. More often than not, however, DAT documents are in plain text configuration, and you can open those with any standard word processor.

Using a Text Editor

We’re utilizing Notepad++ for Windows as an illustration here, however you can open a DAT that contains text with any content manager, regardless working framework you’re utilizing. The interaction may be somewhat unique for opening the document, however it’s not confounded.

In Windows, right-click DAT record you need to open and afterward click the “Open With” order.

Using a Text Editor

In the “Open With” window, pick the content manager you need to utilize and afterward click the “Alright” button.

Using a Text Editor

Given the record you opened is text-based, you ought to have the option to peruse the substance.

Using a Text Editor

In the event that you attempted to open a document that doesn’t contain plain text, you may see a ton of “NUL” references and some dark characters.

Using a Text Editor

How-to Open Winmail.dat Files

Once in a while email servers—Microsoft Outlook specifically—can here and there consequently convert an email into the DAT design. Now and then if the beneficiary of a message made in Outlook isn’t utilizing Outlook themselves, they’ll simply get a winmail.dat document as a connection as opposed to having the option to see the full message. A direct way of opening the record, without getting your contact to resend the email in HTML design, is to utilize

In the wake of downloading the DAT record from your email, head over to and tap the “Pick File” button. Find the DAT document and afterward click “Open.”

Using a Text Editor

After the record gets transferred, click “Start” and the site will dissect the document.

Using a Text Editor

The Result page shows all that the DAT record contains. Clicking a thing downloads it to your PC, where you can open it to see its substance.

Using a Text Editor

Remember that in light of the fact that most DAT documents are utilized inside explicit projects to store program settings, they likely aren’t intended to be opened physically. This implies you will not have the option to peruse any of the information that is contained inside the document utilizing an ordinary content tool. Also, regardless of whether you can peruse the information, there’s generally very little you can do with it at any rate.

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