Highlights of “Shadow beauty” kdrama on Viki

Watching shadow beauty drama will teach you several issues that people deal with due to the effects of social media. The onset of social media has made many people turn to the internet to find justification. For example, people use video and photo-sharing sites such as Instagram to share their photos and check out what viewers say. If viewers tend to respond positively, they are convinced they are beautiful. The way people comment or react to each other can have a far-reaching effect. In the case of the main actor in shadow beauty, a young girl is disturbed by how people treat her. She is bullied and looks for ways of dealing with the issue.

Beautiful by society standards

The drama highlights the way people perceive beauty. A girl is tormented by the way people treat her. Several people assume she is not beautiful. The comments that her peers make end up affecting her psychologically. She ends up looking for ways to hide her looks by applying makeup. Although she applies makeup, she is still tormented when someone ends up sending her a photo without makeup. She ends up struggling a lot to find out who may know her real looks. The way people react to each other or are bothered by others’ looks has greatly affected her. She struggles to look for ways to deal with the effects of bullying.

Effects of bullying

The effects of bullying can be seen in the drama. People make different comments about others; they do not know how they can affect them. The Shadow Beauty kdrama on Viki highlights different ways people bully each other by making comments about their looks. The main actor ends up trying several things to deal with the comments that people make. She ends up being stressed but finds solace in hiding her looks. She tries so much to hide her looks. The process works, but it does not last long before it is discovered.

Effects of social media

The way people use social media has different effects on their lives. From the shadow beauty drama on Viki, people get to learn the various roles social media plays in people’s lives. They are made to believe in different aspects of life. Through the various measures that people take to stay justified on social media, they miss several issues in their lives. People need to come up with the right measures to stay active on social media and use it wisely. It should not dictate their lives by copying others.

Struggles of keeping a secret

The main actor tries so much to hide her real looks by applying makeup. She feels bad due to the comments that people make about her face. The secret she tries so hard to keep is eventually reviewed by other people who discover her real look. She tries to find out the person who may have known her looks. It is a process that reflects what people go through in their everyday lives due to the effects of social media and bullying.

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