Where to Find Free Arabic Fonts in 2024  

As the demand for diverse and visually appealing design elements continues to rise, finding high-quality fonts becomes essential. For those specifically in search of free Arabic fonts, several reliable sources are offering a rich selection of typefaces. In this article, we’ll explore where to find free Arabic fonts in 2024, providing designers and enthusiasts with valuable resources for their creative projects.

Google Fonts

1. Google Fonts

  Google Fonts remains a go-to platform for a wide variety of free fonts, and Arabic is no exception. Users can explore the Arabic section within Google Fonts, filtering by language to find an array of typefaces suitable for various design needs. Google Fonts simplifies the process of integrating fonts into web projects, making it a convenient and versatile resource.

2. Adobe Fonts (Typekit)

  Adobe Fonts, previously known as Typekit, offers an extensive library of fonts, including a notable selection of Arabic typefaces. While Adobe Fonts is often associated with Creative Cloud subscriptions, it provides a subset of fonts that are free for all users. Designers can browse the Arabic category and sync desired fonts for use in Adobe software or web projects.

3. Fontsquirrel

  Fontsquirrel is a user-friendly platform that curates a collection of free fonts from various sources, including those suitable for Arabic script. The platform ensures that all fonts available for download are free for commercial use, making it a valuable resource for designers seeking both style and functionality in Arabic typography.

4. Dafont

  Dafont is a popular platform known for its vast collection of free fonts. While not exclusively focused on Arabic typography, Dafont hosts a diverse range of fonts from different languages and scripts, including Arabic. Users can explore the “Foreign look” category to discover unique and free Arabic fonts for their projects.

5. Font Squirrel

  Font Squirrel is another reliable source for free fonts, and its Arabic font collection caters to a variety of design preferences. The platform ensures that all fonts are properly licensed for commercial use, providing designers with peace of mind as they incorporate Arabic typefaces into their work.

6. 1001 Free Fonts

  1001 Free Fonts is a comprehensive font directory that includes a dedicated section for Arabic fonts. Designers can easily navigate through the Arabic fonts category, exploring different styles and themes. The platform offers fonts with varying licenses, and users should review the licensing terms before incorporating them into projects.

 7. Arabic Fonts

  Arabic Fonts is a website specifically focused on providing free Arabic fonts. The platform offers a curated selection of typefaces that users can download and use for personal and commercial projects. The simplicity of the website makes it easy for designers to browse and find the right Arabic font for their needs.

8. FontSpace

  FontSpace is an online platform that hosts a variety of fonts, including those designed for Arabic script. Users can explore the Arabic category, where fonts are organized based on popularity and date added. FontSpace ensures that its fonts are free for commercial use, contributing to the accessibility of Arabic typography.


In 2024, the internet continues to be a treasure trove of resources for designers seeking free Arabic fonts. Whether you’re working on a web project, graphic design, or any creative endeavor, the mentioned sources offer diverse options to suit different styles and preferences. As you explore these platforms, always be mindful of the licensing terms associated with each font to ensure compliance with usage regulations. With these resources at your fingertips, enhancing your designs with captivating Arabic typography has never been more accessible.

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