How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Not Charging

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are among the furthest down the line provisions to the Android cell phone market this year. These new Google gadgets are considered to be unimaginable and potentially the best Android telephones there are by a long shot. Be that as it may, very much like some other cell phones out there, these new handsets can similarly capitulate into different kinds of issues unfolding in other Android telephones. In this instructional exercise, we will disclose how to fix Google Pixel 2 not charging. One of the most common issues that are relied upon to show is on power, especially with charging. Peruse on to discover what might potentially make your Pixel 2 gadget stop or reject charging and what should be done as a cure.

Possible Causes Of Your Google Pixel 2 Phone Charging Issue

The battery isn’t generally the one to blame when a Google Pixel 2 doesn’t charge. While it very well may be among the components to consider, you can’t simply set the fault on the right track to an awful battery particularly in new gadgets like Google Pixel 2. Intermittently, the product is at fault. Why and how might the product keep the telephone from charging you inquired? The appropriate response is straightforward. Your telephone is a convenient PC that fills in as a framework.

Everything in your gadget is customized to work with every one of the equipment parts. For example, a camera application is expected to utilize the telephone camera to take photographs or record recordings.

For this situation, the camera application (programming) is the program that is explicitly intended to work with the camera (equipment). Assuming something turns out badly with the camera application, undoubtedly the telephone’s camera will not fill in as expected or it very well may be the reverse way around.

Concept Of Charging

A similar idea is applied to your telephone’s charging capacities. Your telephone likewise has a particular program answerable for charging. The main distinction it has with the remainder of the applications is that a client’s mediation will not be required for it to work. However long it identifies that the telephone is associated with the charger and charging port, the program is set off. Furthermore, that is the point at which it concludes if to permit your gadget to charge.

In the event that something turns out badly with that program answerable for doing charging capacities, then, at that point, that is the point at which you will encounter charging issues on the gadget like sluggish charging, inadequate charging, or not charging by any means. Exactly the same thing can occur if other applications on the telephone are getting rowdy. Some applications can influence certain capacities like charging.

A defective update including significant Android framework refreshes additionally had all the earmarks of being among the potentially guilty parties. Furthermore, the absolute worst reason is equipment harm, which is frequently the situation when the telephone got wet or dropped then no longer charges thereafter.

Except if broken equipment is at fault, you actually can do something in endeavoring to fix the issue on your end and get your gadget to charge as planned.

1. Charging Cables

Your charging link could be broken so it’s insightful to actually look at this first. You can test this by utilizing one more link all things being equal. In case this will be this case, essentially change the link.

2. Reset Google Pixel 2

It is conceivable that the Pixel 2 won’t charge when connected in light of the fact that the product needs a reboot. This technique might fix the issue briefly, however helps fix the charging issue on the Pixel 2.

3. Clean USB Port

One more typical issue with the Google Pixel 2 won’t charge through USB is that there is something obstructing the association with the cell phone. It very well may be garbage, soil, or build-up that stops the association. A decent method to fix this issue is by putting a little needle or paper snap and move it around in the USB charging port to get everything out. Most of the time, this is the primary issue when the Pixel 2 isn’t charging as expected. However, note that when cleaning the USB port, be mindful so as not to harm anything and clear it out delicately.

4. Troubleshoot Apps

Your applications could be blocking you from charging moreover. Some applications have bugs installed in them, these bugs cause a glitch bringing about a blunder in charging. Assuming notification the issue started in the wake of introducing a new application, most likely that new application is to be faulted. Running the telephone in Safe Mode can help you in deciding if an outsider application is at fault. In the event that conceivable, boot your Google Pixel 2 into Safe Mode and take a stab at charging it while in experimental mode

5. Run Master Reset

Albeit this isn’t encouraged, taking into account that your gadget is as of now coming up short on power, an expert reset or manufacturing plant reset is likewise one more alternative to think about when managing programming-related issues in cell phones. As referenced before, as a rule, the telephone doesn’t charge because of programming issues rather than awful battery. Playing out a plant reset can be your final hotel in managing programming issues as it wipes your gadget totally, subsequently gives your telephone a new beginning.

In the event that you need to check it out and that you can, here’s the way to dominate reset your Google Pixel 2:

  • To begin with, press and hold down the Power button until the gadget controls off totally.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button for around 3 seconds.
  • Following 3 seconds, press the Power key while as yet holding down the Volume Down button for an additional 3 seconds then, at that point, discharge the two buttons.
  • You can utilize the Volume Down or Up button to feature Recovery from the given alternatives.
  • Press the Power key to affirm determination.
  • At the point when the Android logo shows up on the screen, hold down the Power key for around 2 seconds.
  • While holding the Power key, rapidly press the Volume Up button.
  • Then, at that point, feature the choice to Wipe information/manufacturing plant reset by squeezing the Volume button then, at that point, press the Power key to affirm choice.
  • Utilize the Volume button to choose Yes — erase all client information choice then, at that point, press Power to affirm.

At last, trust that the telephone will reboot. After the reboot, attempt to charge your gadget and check whether it’s now ready to do as such. You can continue with the gadget set up once it is totally charged.

6. Calibrate The Battery

On the off chance that you haven’t as of now and it should conceivably be possible, attempt to align the battery on your telephone.

Battery adjustment can assist with guaranteeing battery execution and that your gadget shows the right battery level. The interaction includes depleting the battery hence ought to just be done sometimes. Note that the battery’s life expectancy can be unfavorably influenced by steady depleting or totally releasing of the battery. Assuming you wish to try it out and that you can,

here’s the way it’s finished:

  • In the first place, exhaust your battery totally by utilizing it until it controls off.
  • Then, at that point, turn it on again and afterward let it turn off all alone.
  • When controlled off, plug it into a charger and let it charge until the charging marker says that it has as of now arrived at 100%.
  • Next disengage the telephone from the charger then, at that point, turn it on.
  • For the situation where the telephone doesn’t say it’s 100% charged, plug it into the charger again and let it charge for somewhat more until it arrives at 100%.
  • On the off chance that the battery is completely energized (100%), turn off the charger and restart your telephone.
  • Presently utilize your telephone again as you regularly do until it totally runs out of force and turns off all alone.
  • Interface it to the charger and let it charge until it arrives at 100% with no interference.
  • Turn on your mobile.

The battery is presently completely aligned. Attempt to associate it to a charger and check whether it’s now charging as expected. You can attempt another force source like a PC, charger, or force bank.

Contact Authorized Technician

On the off chance that nothing, unless there are other options strategies, work for fixing the Google Pixel 2 will not issue, another idea is to take the cell phone and have it looked at by a Google specialist. On the off chance that for reasons unknown the cell phone is in need of a fix and they could possibly give a substitution under the guarantee.

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