Google Meet now lets you know whether you’re echoing

You may have heard an echo of the voice of the user or even your own voice, and this simply becomes molest when you were ever in a Google Meet conversation. But Google has spotted this ‘echo issue’ and recently revealed that when you talk, Google Meet can now tell you. In brief, other call participants won’t have to tell you that they echo Meet will alert you via a small pop-up.

Moreover, Google has provided certain tools to eliminate echo but for desktop speakers and microphones it cannot be claimed that its setups cause audio to be returned to the call. With regard to the warning, both a redpoint displays on the meeting interface and a text alert.

By clicking on the message, Meet gives you ways to remedy the echo including the mutation of your mic, the reduction of your speaker level, or a headphone switch.

G Suite Basic and Business users receive this echo warning function and it takes up to fifteen days for its deployment.

Maisie Jones

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