SteelSeries Software Bug Gives Windows 10 Admin Rights

Unauthorized administrative access has recently been detected as a bug in Razer Synapse software. In SteelSeries, a similar bug was found that allows full control of Windows 10 PCs with Admin rights to anyone connecting a unit.

They found that there was a link in the License Agreement screen that is opened with SYSTEM privileges during the device setup process, thus granting full access to a Windows 10 machine as an admin.

The connection has opened in Internet Explorer Amer. Saving a webpage with the right-click and starting a high command prompt was once so easy. You can move around your PC and do what an admin can with high privileges.

This applies to all types of peripherals in SteelSeries, like a mouse, keyboard, and headset.

A SteelSeries spokesman talked with BleepingComputer. “We know that the problem has been identified and the SteelSeries installer has been proactively deactivated due to the connection of a new SteelSeries device. This immediately eliminates the opportunity to make an effort and we are working on a software update to address the issue permanently and be released shortly.”

It seems that SteelSeries is not currently preventing the exploit. However, when you connect to SteelSeries, the vulnerable signed executable may be stored and run in a temporary folder (or emulating one)

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