Samsung Is Removing Ads From Its Stock Apps This Year

If one thing disturbs Samsung’s proprietors, it is ads for default business applications. Luckily, Samsung decided to get rid of these annoying ads later in 2021, making it even more fun to have the company’s integrated app.

The Verge was told by the Samsung company’s representative that “the company has decided to cease proprietary ads on apps like Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and the Samsung topic.” The update is finished by the end of 2012 in a statement.”

The company decided that offering its users a more pleasant experience was more valuable than making money from these ads. “We appreciate the feedback of our clients and are committed to providing our Galaxy products and services with the best experience,” said the Samsung representative.

It’s good that you have integrated applications to the phone, instead of doing anything shady to switch ads to Non-Samsung applications with the same functionality and look cleaner without the irritating ads on the screen.

Samsung did not provide the update with an exact date to remove the ads but this year. We have to wait and see, but at least the company is moving in the right direction.

Maisie Jones

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