Realme Is Introducing Its First Laptop On 18 August 2021

Since June, Realme has been Introducing its first computer, which it intends to deliver soon. According to the Chinese business, the computer might be due on August 18th. However, it’s unknown whether or not the computer might be offered internationally or might be constrained to China.

Realme Is Introducing Its First Laptop

What’s thrilling is that during some teases and leaks, the Realme Book, which is rumored to be the computer’s name, seems to be equal to a MacBook Air. Although the computer’s specs are yet to be revealed, the Realme Books may have a 4K show with a 3:2 factor ratio and be powered through Intel’s eleventh Gen Core i5.

Realme Is Introducing Its First Laptop-2

It might be to be had in quite a number of colors, consisting of Blue. Similar to Apple’s MacBook, a fingerprint sensor that still serves as an electricity button might be integrated. When it involves the battery, the computer might be charged using a USB kind C port.

Although the fee of the computer has now no longer been published, it’s in all likelihood to have a massive effect on the laptop market.

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