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Top 7 File Uploaders For Modern Applications

File uploaders offer services that are now essential for all modern apps. Users want file upload support with features such as drag and drop, image editing, intelligent information extraction from images, remote storage, and more.

The best part is that a JavaScript file uploader does not require you to know how file uploads take place. Instead, you need basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS knowledge to integrate a file upload feature in your web apps or website.

This blog will discuss the top seven file uploaders available today. Continue reading to discover some of their outstanding features.


What Are The Features Of File Uploaders?

A file uploader service offers a wide range of features. Here, we discuss some features common to many file uploader services.

Secure File Transfers

Designing and implementing a secure file transfer in your apps is daunting. An off-the-shelf solution is excellent for many developers. They can rest assured that all file transfers take place reliably.

Save Time And Effort

Using file uploader services saves time for developers. Developers can focus more on implementing user requirements and other features of their software. Adding file upload support using a third-party service can be done in minutes.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Indeed, many file uploader services offer a friendly user interface. They support features such as drag and drop files, multiple file uploads, file preview, and more.

Transform And Process Files

Another great feature that some file uploader services offer is that they can process and transform files. For example, they can convert between different file formats such as PDF files, spreadsheets, doc files, and more.

In the case of images, they can apply various transformations, for example, rotation, resize, crop, and more.


Generally, all file uploader services support desktop apps. Many of them support file upload to and from mobile devices.

This way, you can transfer files between different platforms running on different types of devices.

What Are The Seven Most Popular File Uploaders For Modern Applications?

Here is a list of modern apps’ seven most popular file uploaders.

1. Filestack


Filestack offers a variety of off-the-shelf file upload services. Some of them include:

    • Powerful and easy-to-use APIs for file uploading. Uploads, URL ingestion, and iOS/Android device integration are all made fast and easy.
    • Powerful methods for transforming, converting, and optimizing images, videos, and more. Every transformation is non-destructive, so the original file or format is always preserved.
    • Lots of options for file conversions. For example, you can convert PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, PNGs, and more.
    • Filestack includes an embeddable viewer to display content inside your app or software.
    • You can deliver large files to your site or app and display them across different platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. Filestack takes care of file size, compatibility, quality, and more issues.
    • Filestack offers a secure method for transferring files containing sensitive data.
    • Filestack APIs are easy to use. There is extensive documentation with lots of code examples.

2. Uploadcare


Uploader is another good file upload service. It includes the following features:

    • File uploading products include file uploader, image editor, malware protection, and validation.
    • Innovative CDN products include image CDN, intelligent compression, smart crop, adaptive delivery, and proxy.
    • Products involving file processing include image processing, video processing, document conversion, and recognition.

3. is also a file uploader service. It has the following features:

    • offers free file uploads for file sizes up to 10GB. For free users, the files are stored for 30 days after they are deleted.
    • Premium users get a maximum of 500 GB of storage. There is no time limit for premium users.
    • There is no download limit per file.
    • You can share all uploaded files by using links provided by

4. Uploader


Another file uploader service is Upload. It offers the following features:

    • Uploader can be used for uploading images and different files.
    • Users can crop images using different aspect ratios when uploading images.
    • A UI allows drag and drop for file uploads.
    • Uploader comes pre-integrated with cloud-based storage and allows scalable file storage and hosting.

5. Filemail


Filemail is also a file uploader service. It supports the following features:

    • Filemail allows you to upload files to up to 5GB for free. If you have a paid account, you can upload 250GB or bigger files depending upon your plan.
    • Once a user uploads a file, they can share it with other users using a sharable link.
    • Filemail supports end-to-end encryption and secure file hosting.
    • Filemail offers anti-virus protection.
    • You can use Filemail from any platform, including desktop and mobile devices.

6. Uppy


Uppy is also another file uploader service that is open source. It offers the following features:

    • Uppy is an open-source project, hence, all services are free to use.
    • Users can select files from different accounts and apps such as Webcam, Google Drive, Instagram, Dropbox, and more.
    • Uppy has a lightweight and modular architecture that is also plugin-based.
    • Supports resumable file uploads in case of a network disruption during large file uploads.
    • Uppy has a golden retriever feature that allows users to recover files after a browser crash or accidental navigation.

7. Shubox


Shubox is also a file upload service. It supports the following:

    • Shubox allows direct uploads in your web apps.
    • The user interface of Shubox is entirely customizable.
    • Shubox enables users to transform or process images on uploads.
    • Shubox supports webhook endpoints. You receive details of uploads that include dimensions, orientation, file size, and more.

What Are The Key Takeaways Of File Uploader Services?

There are many file uploader services available in the market today. Make sure you look carefully at various features of a file uploader service when deciding on a service for your next app. Lookout for features such as ease of use, security, large file uploads, file processing, and more.

You want to give your users a great web experience with file upload support that is reliable and robust. All the file uploader services discussed in this blog are excellent for modern apps. Choose the one that is right for you.

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