The Joker Malware Returns To Steal Data, Android Users Better Watch Out

Recent news has brought back hatred for Android applications, previously infamous software known as Joker Malware. Joker Viruses is one of the most destructive malware ever that damages Android devices’ functioning. In addition to impairing the Android device’s operation, it robs personal information of the individual user like telephone database, text messages, e-mail, and much more.

Too far, the virus has impacted the following 8 Android apps on the Play Store:

  • Fast Magic Free CamScanner Auxiliary Message
  • Great Message
  • Scanner Element
  • Are Messages Go
  • Wallpapers for Travel
  • Fantastic SMS

This contaminated application was swiftly detected by Google and these programs were withdrawn from the Google Play Store. Android users are urged to take caution while downloading programs such as Joker’s virus that might change and thus evolve to defeat the protection of the Google Play Store.

However, it is very advisable to quickly delete these applications before the virus spreads if you have installed any of the following apps.

Maisie Jones

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