8 Interesting and Fun VR Activities to Try

Despite the fact that virtual reality is still relatively expensive, it can provide you with a plethora of different forms of entertainment and other fun activities.

Are you someone who is familiar with the VR concept but has not considered looking beyond the very basics? If so, this article should help open your eyes. And who knows, you might find an activity that you think is fun and try it yourself.

Play VR Games

It would not be a proper VR list without video games. Right now, it is one of the biggest industries in the virtual reality industry, and it is no secret that so many companies are trying to get in. Valve is one of the most recent examples of such companies.

There are certain limitations to what kind of video games you can play in VR, but the choices are still plentiful. Not to mention the fact that multiple new titles are being released every year.

Join VR Chat Rooms

VR chats can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to interact with strangers who come up with all kinds of wacky avatars.

It is also a good alternative for those who want to socialize but cannot do so because of technical problems that lead to asking questions like why isnt my mac camera working or why can’t I get feed from the person on the other side.

Or maybe you prefer to stay anonymous, and using a virtual avatar offers just that, which gives you less anxiety.

Whatever the case may be, virtual reality chat rooms are quite popular, and you are free to join most of them, which can lead to a lot of fun and interesting conversations.

Try Flying

There are many things people are jealous of because they cannot do, and flying is one of them. If you were to ask someone what superpower they would like to have, many would say flying.

The idea of floating in the air and experiencing what it is like to be free of gravity laws sounds exciting. And while flying an airplane is, in a sense, one way to accomplish that, it is not the same.

Putting a virtual reality helmet on lets you experience what it is like to fly. It might not be a physical experience, but it is about what your mind thinks and sees, right?

Ride a Bike

Riding a mountain back up a slope is another example of how virtual reality can make your wish to do a certain activity come true.

If you live in an area without mountains but would like to experience riding a mountain bike, then you are not left with many choices. Spending money and time traveling is not optimal. On the other hand, if you wish, you can replicate the feeling via VR.

Check Rollercoasters

Going to an amusement park and having fun on rollercoasters is not an experience most people would call fun. Many are concerned about their safety, and it is one of the primary reasons preventing them from doing the activity.

However, it is a bit different from virtual reality. Your body is not on a trolley, which means that you are physically safe.

Visit Historical Locations

There is more and more investment in education and tourism, and virtual reality is one of the areas worth exploring.

For someone who wants to experience historical sites for what they originally were, a virtual environment is just the thing.

Whether you are a history enthusiast or a student, delving deeper into ancient ruins and other locations is easier when you get to see what they were like before, thanks to VR.

Visualize an Architectural Project

Architecture is another industry that benefits from VR. Instead of pouring money into a project that might fail, it is smarter to first create a virtual representation and check how it looks.

If you are not an architect, you can still try to find fun in coming up with ideas for various buildings and such. Creativity should be nourished, and those who wish to try architecture in VR should not hesitate and go for it.

Shop Online

Shopping online has many advantages, but it falls short in one area. You cannot try the goods in person beforehand, meaning that you risk spending money and having to deal with returns and refunds after.

The situation might change (at least in some niches) because of virtual reality. More and more businesses are investing in VR shopping experiences.

You put on VR goggles and enter an environment that represents a physical store. The experience is not identical, but it still lets you make fewer mistakes, and for those who enjoy shopping, virtual reality offers a different experience.

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