38 Million Users’ Data Exposed by Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps’ portal service is designed to make the development of web or mobile apps easier. Unfortunately, the default security setting caused a problem, when not 38 million user data were available.

What Happened With Microsoft Power Apps?

Basically, the Microsoft Power Apps platform should not make data by default, as discovered by the Upguard and reported on Wired. This, unfortunately, meant that anybody who wanted to rapidly build a web-based API application would have to enable security manually, not the other way around.

“The UpGuard Research Team is now able to access multiple leaks from data from Microsoft Power Apps portals which have been set to allow public access – a new exposure vector”

Microsoft Power Apps are used by a number of companies and public authorities. Because access to a website or app is fast and easy, COVID-19 tools like contact tracking, vaccination registration formats, etc. have often been used. The platform was also popular for storing employee application portals and databases.

These tools could provide sensitive user data and many of them have not been used for security measures. This means that everyone who was looking for information like telephone numbers, addresses, social security, and Covid-19’s vaccine status has been exposed.

Some of the involved groups have been: American Airlines, Ford, J. B. Hunt, Maryland Health Department, the Municipal Transport Authority in New York City, and public schools.

Is There a Fix?

Fortunately, the situation has already been handled by Microsoft. It has now been done to prevent the public supply of API data and other information with the default settings. The developers need to manually activate this configuration, probably from day one.

The data that developers would like to be public will always be available so that they must take the extra step to make the selected data access rather than the further effort to cover it up. This certainly is a better way for people to use these web apps because it enables them to keep their private information confidential. However, the damage is done in this case. We must wait for the repercussion to see how bad it is.

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