How To Configure And Optimize Your Computer In 2022

Slower speeds are something that will happen to all computers at some point. As software gets more complicated, how your PC handles these changes can significantly affect how well it works.

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A lot can also depend on your operating system and whether you have upgraded to Windows 10.

Things To DO Configure The PCPC cleaners to optimize your computer

The ability of your system to run appropriately correlates to the frequency with which you do regular maintenance, which is analogous to oil changes in your vehicle.

While replacing your system’s RAM or installing an SSD is the most effective way to boost your computer’s overall speed, regular maintenance is still one of the most significant ways to get the most out of your computer.

The following are nine guidelines for routine maintenance that, if followed, will enhance your system’s operation.

Speed up applications by making computers run better.

Even though these small changes may not seem like they will make your computer run faster, they can help your PC last for many years if you do them all at once.

Put Windows 10 into Game Mode

Putting your PC into “Game Mode” in Windows 10 is probably the easiest and most obvious way to improve its performance.

Turn down the graphics settings for your game

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If you have a super-powerful PC, you probably don’t need to do much tweaking. If, however, you are in the same situation as the majority of us and are forced to make do with something that isn’t the finest, you may need to sacrifice some visuals to have a more enjoyable experience.

Update your PC’s graphics drivers

Updating the GPU to the most delinquent drivers is another tried-and-true way to fix problems. This can make games run much better.

Disable SuperFetch

SuperFetch is a built-in feature of Windows that speeds up the process of starting applications and Windows itself. However, this does not always result in an improvement in the game. It is common for there to be an increase in the amount of background activity when it is switched on, but turning it off may make your Windows 10 computer more suitable for gaming.

Turn off Prefetch

You will need to check the Windows registry to turn off this. So type “Regedit” into the search bar in Windows.

Let Focus Assist work

You have control over how and when notifications arrive, thanks to the Focus Assist feature that’s included in Windows 10. This is helpful if you want to avoid being distracted by pop-ups and messages while playing a game.

Upgrade the system memory

Your computer may also be operating slowly because it lacks system memory, particularly if you often switch between many applications and have several tabs open in the web browser.

You can also use the best tools like PC cleaners to optimize your computer because you can boost the performance of the CPU and make high protection using this tool. To evaluate whether your computer needs more memory, you first check the total amount of RAM installed on the PC and see how the operating system uses it.

Stop services that run in the background

You may also prevent applications, such as some Windows 10 services, from running in the background on your personal computer to make it more suitable for gaming. You can leave the main toggle on if you require some programs to operate in the background, but you can switch off specific applications if you want to.

Get rid of unnecessary programs.

As additional apps are installed, Windows often becomes less responsive. Eliminating apps, you are no longer using from your Windows 10 PC is one approach to speed up the operating system and minimize latency. Verify that you need to uninstall the application from your computer to proceed.

Optimize Power Settings

Power settings can slow down the CPU if you use a PC. So choosing a power plan that focuses on performance can make your Windows 10 better for gaming.

Turn off the speed of the mouse

Mouse acceleration, which Microsoft calls “Pointer Precision,” makes it easier to work with text editors and move between other programs’ GUI elements. Turning this off can help Windows 10 gaming run better.

Turn off the Nagle algorithm

It helps when your connection is slow, but it can cause problems with latency when playing online games.

Turning down your internet connection is the most significant way to decrease latency since internet connections often run hundreds of Megabits per second. Due to this change, your Windows 10 PC ought to perform better for games.

Defrag Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting your hard drive is another effortless method to speed up how quickly Windows apps can be opened. You can find the built-in defragmentation feature in Windows 10 by typing “Defrag” into the Windows Search Box.

Turn off Key Combinations for Accessibility

When you’re playing your favorite game, it may be frustrating to open up new warning windows mistakenly. Sticky keys may assist those with impairments but can also be annoying while playing games. When playing games, it is strongly recommended that accessibility key combinations be disabled because of this reason.

Choose the proper GPU to be the default for gaming

You have the ability in Windows 10 to choose the graphics hardware that an application or game should utilize by default. The performance may benefit from this. Your Windows 10 computer will thus be able to run games more smoothly if you make the high-end specialized graphics card the standard setting for your game. However, if you can learn more about what exactly a GPU is, it will be really worthwhile for you.

Keep your PC cool to stop it from slowing down because of heat.

Overheating is the main reason why games lose frames and move slowly. There are many ways to keep your computer cool, which will be helpful. And one of the main reasons PCs get too hot is when dust and cobwebs build up on the fans and other parts inside the case.


However, at some point in time, the performance will deteriorate due to various circumstances, such as difficulties with compatibility and bugs, malware or other forms of malware, hardware issues, and more.

On the other hand, when you are in this sector, it is worth considering what computer worms are and how to stop them. If you find that your pc is growing slowly over time, it does not always indicate that you need to purchase a new operating system immediately. The Windows experience may be dramatically sped up with simple hardware and software adjustments.


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