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It is possible to buy a full-suspension mountain bike in four different types. Trail, enduro, downhill and cross country. The most common are Trail bikes, which can cost anywhere from £1500 to amounts you don’t want to even think about. There is a huge demand for bikes under $2000, which generally have a good spec, proper air suspension, and a high-quality aluminium frame. That’s everything you need to start carving some trails and advancing your skills. We’ve put together a list of the best full-suspension mountain bikes for under 2000 dollars.

I do not make a lot of money, so my biggest concern was choosing a bike that was cheap and also poorly made. You don’t want to be on the road if your bike breaks down. A full-suspension mountain bike is the only mountain bike I will ever feel safe riding.

I wanted affordable mountain bikes that would not break my bank, even though it is my favourite design. After numerous trials and errors, I found the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 USD. For a less stressful process, check out our reviews.

Best full suspension mountain bike under 2000$

 Specialised Stumpjumper ST Alloy

Specialized’s flagship mountain bike, the Stumpjumper, has been around for years. A radical new asymmetric frame has been added to the Stumpy for 2019. Previously, the Camber would have been in this category, but now the Stumpjumper ST (Short Travel) replaces it. This model costs $1800 and includes:

To lower the price, Specialized trimmed down the specifications. Therefore, instead of matching Shimano SLX, you get a Sunrace cassette and a Sram chainset. Despite this, you still receive Specialized’s Butcher and Purgatory tyres, as well as their Henge saddle.

This model is a 29er with rear travel of 120mm and front travel of 130mm. Women’s models come with 27.5″ wheels and 130mm of rear travel.

Trek Fuel EX

Trek Fuel and Cannondale Habit 3 have similar specs. Featuring 10mm less front travel and Fox Float performance with 3 position adjustments at the rear. Thanks to the Habits Flip Chip, 29 or 27.5 wheels can be run. At the flip of a switch, the geometry of the frame can be adjusted. A good balance of climbing and descending capability is achieved with 130mm of travel front and rear. Furthermore, Cannondale has designed a new suspension called Proportional Response. Therefore, the pivots are located differently on each size of frame, resulting in better suspension tuning for any size rider. In comparison to the ‘one size fits all’ designs of a few years ago, this is a vast improvement.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under $1000

IF you want to have some low budget & searching bikes. Here some bikes are listed Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under $1000

Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

It is built to last a long time and is a beautiful black aluminum bike. This bike is a favorite among beginners. When we assembled it quickly and easily, we realized why. The set was remarkably easy to adjust since no tools were needed. What a great feature!

This bike has 21 gears, unlike the Speedrid electric mountain bike. As a result, we were able to cycle safely on trails when changing slope. The bike is so versatile, as you will surely agree.

A 29-inch wheel makes this bike best suited to people who are 5’4″ to 6’2″. If you’re not careful, your feet can hit the tire if you use the bike, since the wheel size reduces the space between the pedals and the wheel.

Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike for Kids

The lightweight steel bike is ideal for young mountain bikers. The bike has 21 speeds, so it’s perfect for both trails and neighbourhood rides. Turn some heads, just like we did, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

It seems unlikely that a bike at such a low price would be in such good condition after 5 months of continuous use, but stranger things have happened. Assembling the bike took us a little time, but it wasn’t too difficult.

This bike is best suited for girls between 8 and 11 years old due to its size. Pink bikes are also suitable for boys who do not have any problems riding them. However, we found that this bike is most suitable for adults who are quite short or who have short legs.

Speedrid Electric Mountain Bike

You must be wondering how an electrically operated mountain bike works. It certainly can, and the price is very reasonable. Comfort and convenience are designed into this adjustable bike. This bike is powered by a 250W motor, which is different from most of the bikes on this list.

Even bumpy roads are not a problem for the Speedrid’s front suspension fork, which functions as a high-quality shock absorber. You can ride in three different modes for smoother riding. Ebikes, assisted bicycles, and regular bicycles are available. The steeper the slope, the more useful this can be.

You’re getting tired, aren’t you? Yes, we were too. The bike is powered by a 250W motor that can push it between 15 and 17mph. 

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