How to Check Phone Number From SIM 2021

How to Check Phone Number From SIM “jazz”, Telenor”, “Zong”, “Warid”, “Ufone”,

If you forgot your phone number and want to get it again, there have some ways which you can use to get back your phone number.

If you have the card of the sim which you have forgotten the number. you can check your number from the jacket card of that sim.

But if you have lots of jacket card sim also, then don’t worry there have some shortcodes launched by every company to check your sim number from your own sim. And then you can easily find your number and can use it for balance recharge and also can exchange with anyone.

Following are some ways to check your sim number.

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How to find phone number from Ufone SIM

Just dial *780*3# from your mobile keypad your number will appear on your mobile screen.

How to find phone number from Zong SIM

  1. dial *100# from your mobile keypad when the menu opens then select the 2nd option to send a message.
  2. There will be a box showing to enter the mobile number whom you want to get sms. Just enter the phone number that you have at the same time. And click on the ok then you will get sms on the number you entered from the sim which you want to check phone number.


How to find Phone number from Mobilink SIM

To find a Mobilink number is very easy. just dial *99# from your keypad which you have the sim do you want to find the number.


How to Find your phone number from Telenor SIM


To find your Telenor number just send an empty SMS to the “7421”, then you will get SMS from the same number which you want to find.


Just send the serial number of the sim to 346 from any other mobile. then you will get an SMS with the specific number that you want to find.


How to find phone number from Warid SIM


Just go to your message writing section and write “MyNo” or “My Number” and send it to “6060” or “321” then you will get your number throw SMS and 2+ tax will be charged.

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